Exide – dealer & distributer of an organization engaged in to trading of electronics, equipments. It sales products high quality exide brand India’s no.1, batteries & power supply systems


Batteries, on line ups, off line ups, inverters, servo voltages stabilizers cvt ext exide commercial batteries range from:-12v22ah to 12v200ah. Exide industrial batteries range from:-12v7ah to 12v220ah (included tubular batteries) online! Offline uninterruptible power supply. (ups) systems, automatic voltage regulators, servo controlled voltage stabilizers, cvt,inverters,emmergency power supply ext.

Powerzen range from 1 kva 12vdc ups systems to 150 kva 360vdc ups systems. Powerzen soho inverters luminous off line ups & inverters


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2) Honesty
3) Immediate Service.
4) Customer’s Satisfactions
5) Right Price, Hopeful Works

Did you know?
  • The name Exide is a derivative acronym from the term ‘Excellent Oxide’
  • Exide is the first company to be set up in India in 1916 to assemble and market batteries.
  • Exide’s first manufacturing unit came up in 1946, and today, there are nine state-of-the-art manufacturing units across India along with a world-class R&D Centre.
  • In Leh, Ladakh, at a temperature of -25 deg C, a truck stranded at a height of 18,500 feet, was started with an Exide Battery, lying unused for three months.